enf0rcement, cam0, 2019


  • Edition size: 1 — unique
  • Medium: digital image
  • Resolution:  7680 x 5110


Seven virtual versions of the enforcer, the specially-designed battering ram used during dawn raids etc by the British police forces. Colloquially also known as the bosher, the nigel, the donker, and the big red key, it is presented here in a range of seven juicy treatments.


AutoCAD 2019 + Photoshop 2019


A 16:9 aspect ratio 7680 x 4320 version (strict 8K UHD) is provided for clean display on 8K and 4K screens.

A 3:2 aspect ratio 7680 x 5110 px version is provided for printing, which will yield an output 25.5 x 17.0 inches (65.0 x 43.2 cm) at 300 DPI.

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