clarend0n, 2019

input / output matrix from clarend0n



Interactive website which improves the ten best paintings in the world by applying Instagram’s Clarendon filter, yielding cleaner, brighter images more suitable for screen-based circulation and consumption.


Custom software + Photoshop 2019 + WordPress 5.1.10


You will need a browser or embedded browser to display this work. The website is responsive in design, so will work on a wide variety of screen shapes and sizes. It has been optimized for mobile delivery, and is interactive, so is best presented on a vertically orientated touch screen such as a large tablet.


  • Color Algorithms: Rusdi Pratama
  • Code: Alexander Dovgusha
  • Site: Léo Bernard
  • Images: WikiArt
  • Price Data: Wikipedia
color curve plot from clarend0n