What do collectors receive?

  • NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Unlocked, original source files, stored unalterably on IPFS
    • 2-10 GB archival master file
    • 20-100 MB high resolution display version
    • 2-10 MB low resolution web version
    • Signed certificate of authenticity
    • Display guidelines and authorized image assets

What rights do collectors obtain?

  • Right to resell or gift the NFT to a private individual or public institution
  • Right to show the high resolution display version, privately or publicly, both online and IRL, in one virtual and / or physical location at a time
  • Right to show share flex transmit paste circulate violently emit the low resolution web version anywhere at anytime
  • Right to loan the high resolution file, and to temporarily cede its display rights, to a public institution
  • Right to receive updates and upgrades if the work is altered or improved

What rights does the artist retain?

  • Copyright over all image and moving image assets and any other associated intellectual property
  • Right to a 10% royalty on the gross value of any and all subsequent resales
  • Right to know, record, and publicly communicate the individuating name of any entity to whom the work is loaned, sold or gifted
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