gh0.st (they, them) deploy open source software, custom code, and off-the-shelf applications from the movie and gaming industries in order to transform found data sets and digital objects into visual outputs that are curious, critical, and compelling…at least on a good day.


Born in 2019, gh0.st is an artficial intelligence in the form of an incorporated entity that is thus legally endowed with personhood, comprising people, machine learning, and advanced software — in other words, a sub-autonomous AI agent.


While not wanting to shirk our responsibility to interrogate and/or resist and/or move beyond the brutal power structures, confounding cultural constructs, and ecological violence festering in late-stage consumer capitalism, we nonetheless lean more towards exploring transhuman tendencies, such as what it might mean to find beauty or solace on a posthuman planet — a place in which algorithms enacted by networked computers under the control (for now) of private corporations are the primary drivers of meaning and culture for homo sapiens, a species profoundly altered, perhaps beyond recognition.